Friday, November 11, 2005

Important Memo

To all members (kitties or otherwise) of Spawnkitty Residence, PG, BC, Canada:
  • Kitties are allowed on counters, tables, laps, and dressers.
  • Kitties should get at least 20% of whatever you are considering, preparing, or eating while in the kitchen or living room. Each.
  • The fridge should be held open for the kitties when we decide we want in to pick out our lunch.
  • The serious concern of lack of tuna in this household needs to be addressed.
There. Now stop whining.

Royal Vulcan Spawnkitty Spike Andrew & Second in Command Spaz Lieutenant Chuck

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Chuck and I realized we should maybe be nicer to our yumoos. They work very hard, getting up early in the morning to work out. We don't know why, it's really silly. But they do. So Chuck and I decided to help our yumoos get up in the morning. We still don't know what to do about Chucks pet, her door keeps on accidently being shut. But my pet is more committed to working out morning times. Around 4am we start wrestling on my pets bed, attacking anything that makes a rustling sound, or knocing things off ledges we weren't allowed on in the first place. This will usually get her up and doing some cardio. Yumoos are lazy though. Her door accidently shut yesterday when we were outside and she was still inside. So I attacked it endlessly till she opened it again. And this morning, she just went and slept in Chuck's pet's room where the noisy fan prevented her from hearing our wakeup calls. Still, being very helpful kitties over here. Soon we'll start biting her till she gets up. That'll work.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

A busy week

wow. yeah. lots of things going on this week. Chuck and I have 'rediscovered' the furnace (we look alike now because of this 'rust' that my pets keep on trying to wash off but I'm like 'no way' and it doesn't work anyways) and we have gained access to the forbidden room of the basement. I realized that you can jump into the unfinished ceiling of the basement from the toilet. You just need to hook your front paw claws in the top of the wall and then scratch like hell with your back feet on the wall to get the rest of your body up. You can from there go into any room of the basement you want. Try locking us out now! Ha! Well, except for the cold room, and anyways, we don't want to go into there. Chuck and I have also successfully scared away the ghoulish fiends who tried to enter the house on Monday night. Well, I did. Chuck ran at every noise. At first the silly yumoos thought they could handle them on their own and foolishly locked us in the basement. I wasn't having any of that! They let us up after they realized their folly. Chuck and I have been doing a lot of running. And jumping. And some biting too. We have also been conserving heat by routinely taking laps hostage. The yumoos are being much too active. One of them should be on the couch at all times even if we aren't in immediate need of a lap. Oh right, and Chuck wants to me to say that Jenn has been denying him his weekly allowance of hair eating. I personally think Chuck is a suck but this is a blog in support of all kitties. Must go... there is chaos waiting to be achieved.