Friday, June 24, 2005

Five Things I Miss From My Childhood

"Detestable" Meme from Loki-Cow's Pet, Julia.
1. Mama. Mama looks like me in colouring but she is smaller and leaner. She is quiet and prefers to sleep in secluded areas. She likes to help her pet do the gardening by lying in her lap every time her pet sits down. Mama protected us from the giant evil hawk and kept us from falling in the pool. I hear that Mama now goes inside the house and that is good. Mama likes to clean around my ears
and she likes to purr.
2. Being outside. I don't miss the giant hawk that nearly carried my siblings and I off to eat, nor the crazy dogs from next door. I miss the fresh air, the trees to climb, sleeping in the warm garage at night with Mama, darting between plants with my brothers and sisters, and attacking bugs in the grass.
3. Mice. I caught a few. Mostly Mama would bring them to us partly dead. That was fun.
4. The house I lived in before the Big Drive. There was a very nice lady and guy and this big fat cat and a mysterious stranger cat. I would pounce on the big fat cat and the nice lady would come and swoop me up and let me eat her yarn as she knit.
5. The ability to climb doorways and hang upside down from the edging. I can't do it anymore. Just last week I tried and I fell.

Friday, June 03, 2005

My morning

Run-run-run-run-run-jump on stove-jump on fridge-ontop of cupboards-scamper-scamper-lurch-hunch-widen eyes-scamper-scamper-jump on to pizza boxes on top of fridge-get scared-jump from fridge to floor-run-run-run-bite pet foot-run-run-run-jump from futon to scratching post-miss scratching post-hit wall-run-run-run-attack door-run-run-run-attack pet leg-get yelled at-run-run-run-run-run-jump into bathtub-lurk-jump out at pet-spaz-run-run-run-run-jump from armchair to window sill-whip tail back and forth-attack blinds-get yelled at-widen eyes-jump from windowsill to sidetable-knock over sidetable-run-run-run-run-attack pet leg-run away before can get yelled at-run-run-run-run-run-protect toilet-attack shower stall door-manage to hook one paw around top rim of shower stall door but fall anyways-run-run-run-run-bite pet foot-get yelled at-bite pet foot again-get yelled at-keep on biting pet foot anyways-get kicked-flatten ears and widen eyes-attack pet leg-get screamed at-run-run-defend toilet-run-run-run-run-run-collaspe-sleep.