Friday, May 27, 2005

The List

  • Going to the bathroom:Hello, I drink out of that thing! Stop it!
  • Screens/windows/doors:I must be allowed to go forth and conquer for Spawnkitties everywhere!
  • Canned tuna:Don't can it! Just give it to me now!
  • American Idol:Carrie? Can we say vanilla or what?
  • Waterbottles:Sadistic fools!
I tag Zooey, Mieka, and Loki-Cow's pet.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

How Dare Thee!

My Spawnkittiness has been called into question!!! I shall not stand for this! Or sit! Just the other night as the accused sat watching 'boxing' I fended off a most terrible attack! An outside non-spawnkitty kitty was attacking the house! Throwing himself/herself against the window but I kept all within safe! And this is the thanks I get? Nearly twice a week my pet lets loose a creature of most demonic beginnings loose in our home! I have to protect my food and my toilet! Not to mention I only recently nearly scaled the shower stall door! I am exhuasted with my spawnkitty duties! Basking the sunlight is how kitties fuel outselves. It was the great Hobbes who noted that cats have solar cells in their tummies. How else could I do all that I do?*sigh* Oh you humans.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Official Bad-Ass Spawnkitty!

It's now official. I am a bad-ass Spawnkitty. I have a scar. It's on my nose. My newest name is now Scarface. Don't mess with me! I am Scarface Spawnkitty Spike!