Friday, May 27, 2005

The List

  • Going to the bathroom:Hello, I drink out of that thing! Stop it!
  • Screens/windows/doors:I must be allowed to go forth and conquer for Spawnkitties everywhere!
  • Canned tuna:Don't can it! Just give it to me now!
  • American Idol:Carrie? Can we say vanilla or what?
  • Waterbottles:Sadistic fools!
I tag Zooey, Mieka, and Loki-Cow's pet.


Blogger julia said...

loki-cow's list (why did you want my pet?!?)

1/ big moster out on the road that roars and grumbles and generally keeps me awake during prime nap time (7AM-6PM)

2/ people trying to clean out my eye goop. my body, my goop.

3/ the vacuum. nuff said.

4/ tiny tiny invaders coming in from outside and trying to steal my precious precious kibble. my pet calls them ants. i call them appies.

9:58 p.m.  

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