Monday, February 06, 2006

Kitty Killers of Evil

So I decided to kill some evil today. I told Chuck he could come along. Let me start from the beginning. We had a giant evil silver ball of evil living in the living room. The yumoos were always trying to kill it. They'd sit on it and hit it with their legs but nope, couldn't kill it. Silly yumoos. So this afternoon as Chuck and I were getting in our daily exercise I decided to do what the yumoos could not. Yup. A couple claw slashes later and this ball of evil is nothing but a deflated loser. My pet came in afterwards and was overcome with relief that the ball of evil was dead. Then she obviously went a little crazy with relief because she locked us in the basement for awhile. Insane yumoo. I just wanted to blog this because Chuck is also trying to take credit for the killing, but we all know who the slayer is in this house. My pet is giving us equal credit which upsets me. Where is my can of tuna? Where? Sheesh. Now if I could just get outside and kill that big crow out there. Oh yeah.

My pet is telling me to apologize to Chuck's pet. Why? Did she want to kill it herself? I don't understand.


Blogger Jenn said...

Yes. That's right. I've not had to throw out TWO exercise balls. And those things aren't cheap. Me thinks that'll come out of the tuna fund...

5:44 p.m.  
Blogger The Bears said...

Uh oh. Did anothoo excercise ball get slashed? We hadn't heard this story...

OK Bye

9:38 a.m.  

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