Wednesday, September 21, 2005

humoo loogic sucks

humoos are silly. I do not understand their stupid loogic. I don't run. I don't play. I don't chase things and don't try to chase me. Just becoo Chuck follows kitty 'norms' doesn't mean you can try to scare me away from doorways and carpets. I may not be as 'Spawnkitty' as I once was, but don't be fooled. I am the originoo Spawnkitty, and I will always be. I will bite and stalk and hunt. Chuck's pets theory that I am part vulcan is also acceptable. Vulcan Spawnkitty!

I'm onto you.

All of you.

Apologies will be accepted in the form of tuna. Thank you. Stupid humoos.


Blogger The Bears said...

Fight the powoo!

Except when they bring caaaandy and tuna. Then powoo isn't so bad.

OK Solidaritoo
Spike the Bear

4:21 p.m.  

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